Choosing the Right Summer Parasol

Garden Parasols & Umbrellas

Garden parasols and umbrellas are an essential summer accessory for creating comfortable , stylish  Alfresco Dining areas for family and friends . Parasols protect from the sun and UV rays and once the sun has gone down , you can illuminate the table for the evening creating ambient lighting with  parasol lights which clip onto the arms of the parasols .

Size & Shape

Garden parasols and umbrellas come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and it’s important to determine what will be the best fit for an individual garden. Our collection of parasols ranges from smaller decorative styles such as the Bird of Paradise parasol which is 1.8m wide to the Two-Tone parasols which are 3m wide. Parasols that are less than 2m across will suit patios and smaller seating areas . They would also be suitable for creating a cosy area in a larger garden or for a shady spot for a  picnic or beach outings .

Our selection of ‘ Two tone ‘ umbrellas are perfect for larger areas and will provide enough coverage for a standard 6ft outdoor dining table .


Parasol Bases

The parasol bases that we sell all have adjustable fittings and will accommodate any width of parasol , a bit like a Christmas tree base. They are made of concrete and weigh around 30kgs so there is no danger of your parasol blowing away in the wind and causing damage or indeed breaking .

 Parasol Care

Our parasols can be left outside during the Summer months requiring little maintenance , though they should be stored under cover in prolonged periods of inclement weather. It is also a good idea to spot clean any marks before storing them away for the winter months .

We’re here to help with all outdoor garden furniture enquiries and to help get the most of any garden parasols in our range. Contact us to find out more about some of the features our garden umbrellas have to offer.

Meta title; Garden Parasols And Making The Right Choice This Summer

Meta Desc; Choosing the right outdoor umbrellas and garden parasols to suit your outdoor space and make the most of the opportunities for Summer entertaining.  Making sure that you have the right accessories such as bases and lights to complete the set-up.



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